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  BAMA Black Belts

The Black Belt is recognised as a symbol for the practising martial artist.  The dedicated and sincere student will recognise that shodan or it's equivalent is the mark of the competent beginner. 

Within the Association, our recognition of a Black Belt or equivalent is based upon a technical standard and maturity of practice found within the individual martial artist that is reflected in their level of experience and ability.

Each candidate is graded on their own "style's" syllabus, and taking into account their age and physicality.  The tests are carried out by a panel of examiners by arrangement, but usually on one of our weekend courses.

Those who are successful in the exam are considered to be "with a degree" : yudansha

We are proud to recognise the following Black Belts who are current members registered with the Association:



nanadanImage may contain: 6 people, including Jim Wight, Clare Potter and John Burke, people smiling

Anthony Blades, kyoshi

Russell Stutley, kyoshi


Stuart Howe, renshi 25/10/2014
Neil Ellison, renshi 25/10/2014

John Burke, renshi 04/06/2016


Dave Floyd 03/06/2017

Craig Downing 1/01/2018



Richard Carrick, tasshi 25/10/2014
Juha Tuominen 16/05/2015

Lee Warren 16/05/2015
Paul March 27/09/2016

Clare Potter 15/12/2018
Jim Wight 15/12/2018

Teesside Dragonssandan 

Ted Phoenix 8/10/11
Jim Harvey 27/07/2014

Jari Tuominen 16/05/2015

Keith Morgan 10/10/2015

Craig Thomas 28/11/2015

Andrew C Liddell 17/03/2016

Zack Morgan 04/06/2016

Natasha Barlow 04/06/2016
Nicola Carrick 01/10/2016
James Drake 03/06/2018 



Catriona Maslin 25/10/2014

James Warren 25/10/2014

Janet Drew 10/10/2015

Adam Castle 01/10/2016

Andrew Power 01/10/2016
Sophie Nuber 11/11/2017
Jack Zheng 12/11/2017
Deborah Needham 03/06/2018 
Ms CP 15/12/2018
Carl Withers 15/12/2018



shodanDon Teesside Dragon

Giles Basson 14/10/12

John Drew 25/10/2014

Leah Watson 25/10/2014

Alex Clulow 16/05/2015

Shana Osborne 16/05/2015

Deabra Stuart 16/05/2015

Lewis Barlow 10/10/2015

Don Robinson 24/06/2016 

Phil Hale 01/10/2016
Steve O'Brien 01/10/2016
Carl Tilling 01/10/2016
David Allinson 12/11/2016
Harriet O'Neil 12/11/2016
Robin Davey 12/11/2017

James Ellis 12/11/2017
Scott Elson 12/11/2017
Catherine Flannery 12/11/2017
Garry Hewings 12/11/2017
Eros Medina 12/11/2017
Nicola Parker 03/06/2018
Charlotte Pitchford 03/06/2018
Nathan Rowe 03/06/2018
David Green 17/08/2018