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The British Association for Martial Arts promotes a wide variety of courses and events, many of which are open to everyone.  Of course, some are for members only, and most of the time members receive a discount compared to non-members.


Please check back regularly to see how our calendar grows




BAMA students beach training



Sunday 21st January 1-4pm Ladies Self Defence, Newton Abbot, Devon, with Clare Potter sensei.
Saturday 24th February 1-4pm Pressure Point seminar, Newton Abbot, Devon, with John Burke renshi.

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May Bunkai workshops at the UK Martial Arts Show, The Dome, Doncaster.

Saturday 19th May 1-3pm Kumite Wokshop with Richard Carrick tasshi and Nicola Carrick sensei.
Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd June The South West Karate Experience, Perran Sands, Cornwall, with Anthony Blades kyoshi, Neil Ellison renshi, and John Burke renshi
Saturday 16th June Kaizen Martial Arts Expo, Nottingham, including workshops with John Burke renshi

Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July - Hanshi Patrick McCarthy 9th Dan teaching tegumi renzokugeiko in Newton Abbot, Devon. 

Monday 6th - Friday 10th August Karate Academy Summer School with John Burke renshi, Newton Abbot, Devon.

Saturday 22nd September Bully Buster course in Newton Abbot with Natasha Barlow sensei.  5-9 year olds 1pm.  10years plus 2.30pm Contact to book your place.
BAMA Seminar


More to be announced.











Watch what we organise for the rest of the year!

In years gone by we have hosted seminars, courses, and workshops with Terry Wingrove, Patrick McCarthy, Terry O'Neill, Vic Cook, Julian Mead, Anthony Blades, Russell Stutely, Stuart Howe, Neil Ellison, John Burke, and others.