About BAMA-the B.A.M.A

What drives us?  
martial arts philosophy that training is the most important aspect of our practice.  That means that our instructors train, our members train, and that the training is structured to present the best opportunity for each individual to learn and benefit from their martial art with due regard to their age, experience, and intended outcomes.


We're not a democracy, we're not about pleasing Sport England.  We are for, that is pro- martial arts in the UK.


The organisation is headed by John Burke sensei.  Currently ranked 6th Dan in Karate, John is in the privileged position of having trained with some of the best instructors in the world.  He has trained in Europe and Japan, and has trained in many arts over the years.  His books are sold world-wide and his seminars on kata bunkai are heavily subscribed.  John is on hand for advice on running your club (he has the largest martial arts centre in South West England), and training plans, etc.  He also sits on the Technical Committee and is a grading examiner. 

Technical Committee

High ranked instructors with lots of experience who advise and guide the association include Anthony Blades 7th Dan, Stuart Howe 6th Dan, and Neil Ellison 6th Dan.


For further details, please ring 01626 360999